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Frequently Asked Questions about Green Fuel Tabs


Q: How can I best track my mileage?

A: 1. Establish a baseline MPG for your vehicle
         A. Use a minimum of 3 fill ups to establish your baseline MPG
         B. Use the GFT Mileage Log PDF available on our Guarantee page
         C. DO NOT use your vehicles on-board computer for mileage tracking for this test

    2. Begin the tracking by treating  your fuel with Green Fuel Tabs - 1 tablet per fill-up

    3.  Use a minimum of 5 tablets (we recommend using 10 tablets) - one per fill up.  Continue tracking
your mileage with the GFT Mileage Log.

    4. Calculate your mileage savings with GFT using the GFT Mileage Log .

    5. You will see an improvement after your first 5 to 10 fill ups while using Green Fuel Tabs, and over time it will continue to improve, in most cases up into the 10% to 20% range.

Note -  On about one or two per cent of some of the high end cars, there is chip for the fuel-air mixture that may need to be reset to recognize the  fuel improvement. If you have used three Green Fuel Tabs and  have not seen results of 10% improvement yet, then you may have one of these chips in your engine and can follow these additional steps to reset the chip and  see improved fuel performance and mileage. Click Herec


Q: How can I tell if my emissions are being reduced?

There is really only one way to tell if your emissions are being reduced - by getting a emissions test
at a certified auto mechanic that offers testing.  Here is our recommend procedure:

    1. Establish a baseline emissions test for your vehicle before using any Green Fuel Tabs.  If you have had your vehicle smog tested within the last 3 to 4 months, you can use that existing test
as your baseline.  If the test is older than that, you should get your vehicle re-tested.
         A. Testing should include, but not be limited to, the following test parameters:  Hydrocarbons and
    2. Begin by treating  your fuel with Green Fuel Tabs - 1 tablet per fill-up

    3. Use a minimum of 5 tablets (we recommend using 10 tablets) - one per fill up.

    4. Re-test your emissions after step 3 with the same tests that are used in step 1A.


Q: Are Green Fuel Tabs safe for my car?

A: Absolutely! It is completely safe for all engines - both gas and diesel. Green Fuel Tabs utilize all natural organic ingredients - no detergents are used. Green Fuel Tabs has a patented “Quick Dissolve” formulation that prevents any particles from getting into the vehicle’s fuel system.


Q: Do Green Fuel Tabs really work?

A: Absolutely! This product has been in use for over 10 years by thousands of people and companies - in cars, trucks, boats and buses - both gas and diesel. We have numerous case studies to back up performance. Your savings are not just limited to the gas pump. Since Green Fuel Tabs clean your engine of gunky deposit/buildups, this results in more efficient burning of the fuel and less engine maintenance costs.


Q: Will Green Fuel Tabs save me money?

A: Absolutely!  We even offer a money back guarantee for Green Fuel Tabs. If customers don’t save - per tankful - an equivalent or more than the cost of an individual tab, we’ll give the customer’s money back. The typical user sees a 10% to 20% savings at every fill-up. Savings vary depending on your driving conditions, your fuel tank size, and the maintenance of your car. So for the small cost of only $4 a tab, you can get relief from ever increasing gas prices by saving $10 to $15 on average every time you fill up your gas tank, by burning your fuel more efficiently and getting more miles out of each tank of gas.


Q: Do Green Fuel Tabs reduce harmful emissions?

A: Absolutely! Testing has shown that Green Fuel Tabs can reduce harmful toxic emissions by up to 50%. Green Fuel Tabs help your fuel to burn more efficiently and completely. Because more of your fuel is burning, you get better gas mileage and less of it gets wasted as harmful emissions.


Q: Has there been any independent third party testing of Green Fuel Tabs?

A: Yes! Third party testing has been done on our product  for several  years. For further information or documentation , you may e-mail us.


Q: Are there any “mothball or mothball components” in Green Fuel Tabs?

A: No! There have been some other manufacturers who have tried using Naphthalene - which is a primary ingredient in mothballs - in their fuel additives. Green Fuel Tabs has - NO NAPHTHALENE! This idea originated with the discovery in the 1950’s that the active ingredient in mothballs - Naphthalene - could be used to boost octane and performance in racing cars. This is very unsafe for any engine and can result in major engine damage.


Q: If I have used several Green Fuel Tabs and have not seen any improvement in my MPG, what should I do?

1.   Since you already have used several  tablets in your tank, drive your vehicle for a minimum of 15 minutes to circulate the Green Fuel Tabs treated fuel.  This will allow the vehicle’s on-board computer chip to get used to the new fuel mixture.

 2. Unplug both battery terminals for 30 minutes - then re-attach the cables.  This will re-set your vehicles on-board computer so that the air/fuel mixture is now adjusted for Green Fuel Tabs.

3. Continue to use one Green Fuel Tab on each fill-up, and you will begin to see a mileage improvement in your next couple of fill-ups.



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